About us

The network 'Scherptediepte' (Dutch for 'depth of field') intends to fill a need, present among Dutch and Belgian photography scholars, to meet other researchers in an inspiring environment, which facilitates the exchange of ideas and experiences. Scherptediepte is intended for individual researches and functions as the sister organisation of the Nederlands Fotogenootschap (Dutch Photo Association), which has only institutional members. The Scherptediepte network offers to its members:

- A meeting, twice a year, where scholars can present their current research and test their ideas in front of a specialised audience;
- The internationally available open-access journal Depth of Field (see above) for the publications of results and conclusions;
- The Scherptediepte network facilitates the contact between scholars on the one hand, and collections and institutions, associated with the Nederlands Fotogenootschap, on the other hand;
- The network has at its disposal a closed website where members can meet each other virtually.

This website contains contain a community environment offering, amongst others:

- An agenda which advertises network activities and other events of interest for members
- A list of research and conservation projects put forward by members (collections and institutions) of the Nederlands Fotogenootschap, needing an expert approach
- Tips and suggestions for the organisation and funding of photohistorical research
- Examples of for research proposals
- Special offers, for example reductions on book prizes, exhibition entrance fees etc. 

Membership of Scherptediepte costs 50 euros per year, students pay a reduced price of 25 euros. 


Maartje van den Heuvel (Leiden University, chair)
Rixt Bosma (photo historian, secretary)
Ruud Witmer (Leiden University, treasurer)
Joachim Naudts (Curator FoMu - Fotomuseum Antwerp)
Mattie Boom (Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam)
Martijn Kleppe (Erasmus Universiteit, Rotterdam)


Stichting Scherptediepte
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2300 RA Leiden
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Scherptediepte and Depth of Field were initiated by Leiden University, and supported by the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO) and Pictura Imaginis.